The Metropolitan Region is home to some of Alabama's oldest and most historically significant educational institutions. The schools here range from small liberal arts colleges to the large state universities.

University of Alabama

Opened in 1831, the University of Alabama was the state's first university. U of A's campus is comprised of brick buildings and tree-lined promenades spread over nearly 1,000 acres in Tuscaloosa. Offering over 200 undergraduate graduate and professional degree programs, The University of Alabama is especially well known for its schools of business, communications, and law. The school also has one of the most storied athletic programs in the nation.

Auburn University (Auburn)

Founded in 1856 as a private liberal arts school before converting to a public institution, Auburn University has grown to become one of the largest universities in the South. Located just 50 miles east of Montgomery in the town of Auburn, the university contains 12 schools and colleges within its 1,800-acre campus. Auburn University also operates a separate branch on a 500-acre Montgomery campus.

Samford University

The university was founded in 1841, and is the largest independently supported university in the entire state. The campus features colonial brick architecture and a beautiful suburban setting, and is still just minutes away from the rich culture and spirit of Birmingham. With over 26 degree programs and over 80 majors, Samford University provides top-notch higher education in a Christian faith-based environment.

Talladega College

In 1865, two former slaves from the town of Talladega created a school for the children of former slaves. In 1869, the school was issued a charter from the county as Talladega College, becoming the state's first college dedicated to educating African Americans. Today Talladega continues to provide a quality liberal arts education that maintains the highest standards of academic excellence.

Miles College

A four-year historically black private college founded by the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Miles College allows students to pursue a quality education with a personal touch. Miles offers bachelor degrees organized into six main divisions: Business & Accounting, Communications, Education, Humanities, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. 2005 marked the 100th year of classes at Miles College.

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